Hey there, I’m Ganesh Swami.

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker and adventurer living in Vancouver, BC.


Since I was a little kid, I've had an intense desire to bring something new to the world. Over the last few years, I've been fortunate to be a part of building the future, either as an early employee or as a founder.

Professionally, I've been trained as an engineer and have been writing code since I was 15. Through my career working on multiple startups, I've become an expert with the entire lifecycle of data – data collection, data storage, data analysis and data visualization. Data has inertia and is here to stay forever.

I'm interested in all aspects of venture building: product and engineering, recruiting, fundraising, customer success, marketing and sales. I only have experience with software subscription business models and I've written and spoken a lot on the topic. 

My latest venture is Covalent, a venture funded startup attempting to solve the huge problems inhibiting blockchain adoption. Our first product has indexed entire blockchains and can be used to match cryptocurrency utility and adoption to exchange prices on the market. 

My other venture is Silota, a portmanteau of the words SILO and DATA. It's a pro-tool for data analysts and is intended for visualizing big data. You can use Silota to understand your business operations, for example billing, sales, marketing, and customer success. 


Leave room for serendipity. Each path is unique, no matter how much you plan, the future is unpredictable.

- Ganesh Swami


On a personal level, I like cooking, traveling, and practicing spirituality. I intend to have sections on this website for these topics in the future. I live with my beautiful wife in Gastown.

This little corner of the web is where I journal my highs and lows – STRAIGHT OUTTA GASTOWN


Much love,