Yet another blog, but why?

When starting a new business or endeavor, you must ask yourself: Why are you introducing a new product or service offering to the world?

Is it to stroke your own ego?

Is it because you've identified a discontinuity in the market and see an opportunity?

Is it because you think you can solve a problem better than anyone else?

Is it because you think, naively perhaps, that you are going to make a lot of money?

Or sometimes you just think this new thing must exist in the world and you are going to build it regardless. This emotion is sometimes called passion.

Likewise, there has to be a reason for my personal blog to exist. My reasons are simple: I find myself thinking about the same things over and over, so I think it's a good idea for me to share my thought process and solicit feedback from my peers.

The passion aspect of blogging is a given – I'm passionate about the topics I'm going to be writing about, though I'm not necessarily passionate about blogging for its own sake.

Think of this blog as an experiment. 

Much love,


Ganesh Swami