I'm an avid speaker on a wide range of topics: business models, technical innovations and entrepreneurship.

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A Guide to Seed Funding

Moderator: Ganesh Swami, founder of Covalent

A panel with three exceptional founders:

  1. Monique Morden, Chief Revenue Officer of Lendified
  2. Sarah Goodman, CEO of VitalSines
  3. Craig Slagel, Founder of RunGo

VSClan Focus: Covalent

An in-depth interview I did with Victory Square, one of our investors at Covalent.

Goes into how we started Covalent, the initial problem we were trying to solve and what are the biggest barriers to adoption in the cryptocurrency space.


Founder Spotlight: How I started my second company "Covalent"

Interview with Launch Academy, Canada's leading tech incubator that has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs validate and launch their ideas.

Goes into the story of how I started my first and second startups Silota and Covalent, what I was doing before entrepreneurship, and what drives me.



Product Pitch: The genesis for my startup Covalent

We built the first version of Covalent at a hackathon (like a marathon, but for building something new) hosted by a decentralized database company "Bluzelle". We pitched it as "Google for Blockchain". We ended up winning that hackathon and then I went on to start a company to commercialize the technology.

Technical: Butter smooth, interactive applications with Django and Websockets

Web applications have changed significantly over the years – from simple static pages, to sprinkling interactiveness with JQuery/AJAX, to full dynamic single page apps. Through each evolution, we’re adding more complexity, more data and more asynchronous behavior to our applications.

In this new world, where does the synchronous nature of Django’s request-response cycle fit in?

My talk will focus on the topics around asynchronous Django applications. I’ll be sharing some lessons we learnt while building and scaling an interactive web application within the confines of Django and django-channels.

This topic is interesting because there’s been a lot of interest with meteor-like frameworks that have synchronized state between the frontend and backend. My intention is to show the audience that you can accomplish the same end-result with Django, without the need to learn and deploy a brand new framework.


Continuous Data Warehousing

A very popular talk on how to stitch together 4 or more data sources, specially "affiliate dimension" tables in your data warehouse in a continuous fashion.

The talk was given as part of the Data Pipelines & Distributed Systems meetup in Vancouver, hosted and sponsored by Stat Search Analytics.

Topics included Extract-Load-Transform patterns for modern, cloud-scale datawarehouses, managing data source schema changes, avoiding accidental duplicated data, etc.

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APIs: What, Why and How

A very popular talk on how to design and built APIs in Python. I've given the talk a couple of times at conferences and meetups around the world.


1. What is an API and what is REST.

2. Why build an API?

3. Translating CRUD actions into HTTP verbs

4. Resources, status codes & errors

5. Debugging

6. Best practices: security, serialization, documentation, versioning, gzip, logging, etc.

7. django-rest-framework walkthrough